I’m cooking up some roasted cauliflower with paprika, crushed sea salt and pepper in oil. On the stovetop, a pan is sizzling with yukon gold slices, Spanish onion and garlic. Next up, swiss chard. And in my ears, Mumford and Sons.

And I feel like I owe you an explanation.

You come here regularly or happen upon this blog on occasion. As you may gather, I’m not a food blogger or someone who writes stories.  I see intersections, I seek to find beauty in life even in the ugly bits.

If you came here and left with one piece of something to snack on, I would want it to be hope. Sometimes this means going into the dark places. And guess what, I invite you to accompany me because I know we will make it out on the other side.

See the thing is, I like you.

I do. And if I could, for just a moment, I would want to share a bit of my kitchen, a bit of what inspires me. Food is as inspiring as words of poetry or seeing new places and discovering the gold from the dross. So as you’re capping off your evening or starting your morning in a country on the other side of the globe, consider this my knocking on your door to see if you need a cup of tea, to say hello.


About Anneliesz

Food. Poetry. People. Art. If I was Julie Andrews singing her song, these would be some of my favorite things. My biggest food fail was something we'll call "Tuna Surprise," but that never kept me out of the kitchen. Cooking is my own playtime. While I'm not a chef and would never claim to be anything less than an experimenter of flavors and textures, I sure do love to feed people. Then there's my love of writing which commenced at a wee age over a talking pen named "Percy". I love rolling words around my tongue in different languages. Art camp taught me the importance of not having an eraser. Life is an adventure and one whose marrow I seek to suck as much out of as possible. Join me as I live my life en route.

6 responses to “After-thought

  1. I like you too. And your blog. A lot. oxoxo

  2. I, also, like you and your blog. A lot. Sending cross-country hugs…

  3. Hello! I’ve been a thinking a lot about your words lately and I feel like positive, hopeful things are brewing in them. I like YOU so much. You are like a tonic.

  4. I like the happy polka dot background on your blog, they are very happy making when your home page pops up! Also, I love you my friend!! And thank you for the many cups of tea, and evenings spent round an actual kitchen/table….and now the virtual one 🙂

  5. Hello. I wish our actual kitchens were closer because I like you too and would like to sit down with you and share food and stories at the table or at the counter or on the front steps but at least we have this space to gather in until I see you again.

    • You know I am 100 percent on board with that Nikki. If you lived close by I could see a lot of walking photo outings and poetry workshops in our get-togethers. After or during the cooking of course!

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