Photo Recipe: Concord Grape Sparklers

Concord grapes remind me of nature’s gummy candy. Last weekend, we invited friends over for our second art salon and I mixed together these sparklers with concord grape puree. Their sweet and tart flavor pairs well with elderflower simple syrup, sparkling water and a cup of pinot noir but it was missing something. Kyle showed up with a bottle of Prosecco! We topped off the glasses and perfected this refreshing fall beverage.

Effervescent and bubbly. Enjoy with good company.

take a bunch of concord grapes

concord skins & pulp

remove seeds

puree concord grape skins & pulp until smooth or just shy of smooth

concord grape puree - pour into large glass jar & add 1 cup pinot noir

concord grape soda - add 2 liters of sparkling water

elderflower_syrup gives it a slight lychee flavor

concord grape soda - add 1/4 cup elderflower syrup

prosecco gives it an extra splash of effervescence

top off each glass with Prosecco right before serving


About Anneliesz

Food. Poetry. People. Art. If I was Julie Andrews singing her song, these would be some of my favorite things. My biggest food fail was something we'll call "Tuna Surprise," but that never kept me out of the kitchen. Cooking is my own playtime. While I'm not a chef and would never claim to be anything less than an experimenter of flavors and textures, I sure do love to feed people. Then there's my love of writing which commenced at a wee age over a talking pen named "Percy". I love rolling words around my tongue in different languages. Art camp taught me the importance of not having an eraser. Life is an adventure and one whose marrow I seek to suck as much out of as possible. Join me as I live my life en route.

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